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Support for Marijuana Legalization Grows in CA – What’s Next?

By Anna Challet

Source – New America Media



Study: ‘War On Drugs’ Failed To Limit Or Control Drugs

Instead, the drug market defied conventional economic wisdom and became cheaper and more widespread in face of law enforcement.


Source – MintPress News



Medical marijuana farmers market opens in Seattle

By Linzi Sheldon

Source – KIRO TV



Romania Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Becomes 10th EU Country To Permit Theraputic Use


Source – The Huffington Post



California Legalizes Growing Hemp, but Waits for Federal Blessing

By Ken Broder

Source – AllGov CA



Hemp: First harvest in more than fifty years begins in southeastern Colorado

By Melanie Asmar

Source – Westworld – Denver



Ten New Rules for Medical Marijuana in Canada

by Ben Livingston

Source – Smell The Truth – SF Gate