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General Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp

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Donor – Max from Compassionate Idaho


Max also asked me if i would read there articles. I did now I will share with you guys

 Medical marijuana activists’ children taken from home, charges possible

Idaho marijuana activists get their children back

Source –





Gov Bloomberg Says Medical Marijuana ‘One Of The Greatest Hoaxes Of All Time’

Source – Huffington Post



Hemp, hemp, hooray!

Source – Montrose Press



UFC Changes Testing Threshold on Marijuana

By Khurram Aziz

Source – Bleacher Report



Medical marijuana ingredient prevents brain damage in mice

By Geoffrey Mohan

Source – LA Times



The U.S. Is Changing Its Mind About Marijuana

By Clive Crook

Source – Bloomberg



Federal Employees Have New Option To Support Marijuana Reform Charity

Source –  CBS Detroit



 Hemp Can Build Your House and Make Your Blouse

By The 420 Times

Source – Huffington Post



Only Six Percent of Americans Think Marijuana Possession Should Be Punished With Jail Time


Source –







Now Go Out And Pollinate The World

Joe Jameson