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General Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp News

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First major hemp crop in 60 years is planted in southeast Colorado

By  Steve Raabe

Source –  The Denver Post



California Pot Shop Ban: Judge Rules Cities Can Outlaw Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Source –  Huffingtion Post



Tommy Chong Says Marijuana Helped Him Beat Cancer

By Fox News Latino

Source – Fox News



Montana goes its own way on marijuana

If American society’s tolerance for marijuana is now growing, then what happened in Montana illustrates just what can happen when the government decides things have gone too far.

By MATT VOLZ  Associated Press

Source – Seattle Times



Colorado Bill Would Force Merchants to Hide Marijuana Magazines—for the Children


Source –



Mr. President: Legalize Hemp!

By Jonathan Miller

Source – Huffington Post



MMA Fighter Duane Ludwig likes to break down fight tape when on marijuana


Source – Yahoo Sports


Legal marijuana’s all-cash business and secret banking

By Jose Pagliery

Source – CNN Money


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