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Hello Everyone,

This is my first Podcast Ever so be Nice. This is a Teaser or other wise a Test!

A Little About Me

I’m Joe Jameson and have been a Cannabis supporter for decades. I bought the domain about a year ago. I had plans to make it an active news site but didn’t realize how much the website would cost me to maintain. So I just let it sit and I run an auto news feed to twitter. Then I ran into a web developer that said they would help me get it going and also advised me to start a podcast ASAP. I said “what I cant talk on the air. I have never done any public speaking before. No No that’s not for me.”  Well 3 weeks later here we are. The main reason I decided to go forth with this podcast is that I listened to a couple other podcasts about podcasting and the main thing I heard over and over was ” Just Start! don’t worry about the little things. Just make the content and others will want to listen.”  Then it was election day and Colorado and Washington’s people voted to Regulate and Legalize Marijuana for Recreational use. A True Turning Point in History!

The Website

The website is under construction and will be changing here and there. We have plans to make it fully interactive with our audience also have games and prizes. Just give us time we will grow.

The Podcasts

We are going to start with a weekly news podcast that will be between 15-30 minutes in length and audio only. We will go over some of the top stories about cannabis of the previous week. We are not sure what day the podcast will air but after we decide we will stick with it.


Bye For Now